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Custom Swimming Pool Design and Building for the Discriminating Homeowner
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Desert Tropics Custom Pools is a family owned and operated custom swimming pool designer and premier builder in Arizona. Our family and the families of our partners depend on the quality of your pool design and building experience.


Desert Tropics Custom Pools has been in the custom swimming pool business in the Valley since 2001. Our President is also the Qualifying Party for our license. We don’t strive to build the most pools in the Valley, we strive to build the best award winning custom designed pools in the Valley. We never use a template to put a pool in your yard. Each pool is custom, and professionally designed, to meet your lifestyle and enhance the value of your home and your everyday enjoyment. We know all of our customers by name and are dedicated to making sure that your needs are met. Most of our business comes to us by referral, so we strive to give every customer the best swimming pool experience possible.


Arizona has a very competitive swimming pool market. We appreciate you choosing Desert Tropics to custom design and build your swimming pool, and we will do everything possible to make your pool building experience a positive one.


What to Look for When Choosing a Pool Builder

A swimming pool is an investment that can be a dream come true, or a nightmare. There really is no second chance without involving a large expense. Phoenix has the great fortune of being one of the largest growth areas in the country. Along with that growth comes many swimming pool businesses opening up to take advantage of the high demand in swimming pools. In the last decade, dozens of swimming pool companies have gone out of business and been replaced by dozens of new swimming pool companies. For the short term swimming pool companies, price is the best tool for them to compete in the swimming pool industry. They only have to stay in business long enough to collect the money. There is little attention paid to having the financial resources needed to provide customer service and warranty the pools, because there is often no long term business plan. Consumers must be careful in their search, and seek reputable swimming pool companies with superior references, long term stability and ethics along with a nice portfolio.

Many consumers mistakenly base their buying decisions on price, or a friend recommends someone who “builds pools on the side”. These can be pitfalls that will end up costing you time, money and a lot of frustration. The following information is designed to give you some important factors to consider for increasing the chances of success in your swimming pool project.


At Desert Tropics Pools we strive to understand our customers' dreams, desires and vision for the design and function of their swimming pools and outdoor environment. While the custom design is the foundation for a superior experience, please take the time to review some frequently asked questions and inspiring ideas for optimizing your experience building your own custom swimming pool.
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