Eco Options

Environmentally Sensitive Options

Swimming pools can be a drain on the environment, especially in the desert. Whether building a new pool or upgrading your equipment, we offer these options which will minimize the impact of your swimming pool on our earth and reduce your pool costs and maintenance.

Automated Control Systems
  • For pool and spa lighting systems, heating, and filtration.
  • One-touch programming and remote control
  • Programmed operation of cleaning and sanitizing cycles
  • Sensors that automatically turn on your pump if freezing conditions are detected
  • Alerts to any problems the system may be having and tells you when service is needed
  • Simple to use, anyone in the family can now operate the pool without costly mistakes

Alternative Sanitizing
  • Eliminate Dangerous Pool Chemicals
  • No more green hair or cracking skin
  • Never add toxic, potentially dangerous pool sanitizing chemicals again
    - includes 'pool chlorine' chemicals, algaecides and 'shock' chemicals

Extra Capacity Filters
  • Hold 4x more dirt than most filters
  • Require less maintenance
  • Uses less water fewer cleaning cycles

High Efficiency Pumps
  • Energy Savings of 30%
  • Run on less wattage than your hair dryer
  • Fast, Efficient and Quiet
  • Run your pump twice as long at half the cost
High Performance Low NOx Heaters
  • 85% efficiency rating
  • Lower emissions than normal heaters
  • Exceeds all air pollution standards; built to California environmental codes
Automatic Pool Covers
  • Reduced maintenance; keep out debris
  • Solar heating,
  • Energy conservation;
    - Covering a pool when it is not in use is the single most effective means of reducing pool heating costs. Savings of 50%70% are possible
  • Elimination of evaporation
  • Passes the barrier code for safety (in some cities); our pool cover systems support the weight of several adults, providing more barrier protection than any other pool-safety device
LED Lighting
  • 32 Watts compared to 150 - 400 in conventional lighting
  • 12 colors with light shows for relaxing or entertaining